‘I Hate Vegetables’ And Other Excuses

I didn’t have room for this in Health Notes, but I thought it was worth passing along.

Fair warning, though: The subject is overindulgence. If you have every intention of overindulging through the holidays and making your adjustments in January, you probably should skip the rest of this.

OK, for both of you who are left, these 10 excuses used to overindulge and how to combat them are offered by the American Heart Association, which I’m sure has our best interests at heart. I’m placing their suggestions for countering the excuses in parentheses.

1. Because it’s the holiday. (Plan ahead for merry meals that are also healthy. Bake cookies with oatmeal, dried fruit and nuts as healthy ingredients.)

2. I’m down in the dumps. (Pull yourself out of it by taking a brisk walk and reaching for a healthy snack.)

3. I already blew it with that meatball sub. (Focus on what’s next, not what you ate last. Plan to eat well on the run. Portable snacks like air-popped popcorn can save you from the deli dive.)

4. I hate vegetables. (Try adding peas to your favorite pasta and sprinkling sliced veggies on homemade pizza.)

5. I don’t have anything to worry about — I’ve always been healthy. (If you’re like most Americans, you might think you’re in better shape than you are.)

6. Someone brought doughnuts to the office. (You don’t have to eat them. And you can bring fresh fruit to share.)

7. No time for salad. (You can cut a cucumber and slice some strawberries in the time it takes to call your neighborhood pizza joint and search for that coupon.

8. My team lost! … My team won! (Mourn or celebrate with extra-lean beef burgers, turkey burgers or salmon burgers instead of a plate of buffalo wings.)

9. It’s called an all-you-can-eat buffet for a reason. (You can fill up at a buffet with greens and whole grains. If it’s too tempting, skip the buffet.)

10. I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow. (Resolve to do it now. Tomorrow will have its own challenges and stresses.)

The rest of Health Notes will be in Thursday’s Duluth News Tribune. Careful lifting it; it’s going to be heavy.

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