‘Vast Majority’ Monday

You’ve heard more than you ever wanted to about Black Friday, and you’re probably also familiar with Small Business Monday (shop at locally owned stores) and Cyber Monday (shop online).

This year, though, Cyber Monday coincides with Vast Majority Monday.

Say what?

Vast Majority Monday is the term some health policy wonks are applying to the first day after the deadline President Barack Obama gave for fixing the malfunctioning website healthcare.gov website.

As in: The site will work for a “vast majority” of users by Nov. 30. Since Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 fall on a weekend, the wonks christened Monday as “vast majority” day.

Here’s a prediction: You will hear that the site is, indeed, working much much better and that it really isn’t working better at all, depending on where you venture in social media.

But beyond the actual workings of the system (used in 36 states but not Minnesota, which has its own health insurance exchange called MNsure), it’s easy to find relatively good news about the progress of the Affordable Care Act. And relatively bad news.

An example of the latter, from Bloomberg News, is here:

But you can find a more bullish assessment from the Commonwealth Fund here:

Take your pick.

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  1. Nice to see your new blog up and running.

    As a web developer and a software user for a generation, I am surprised at the level of surprise about the failures of the healthcare website. This is a difficult site to develop in the best of circumstances, even more so when so many of the expectations that they had when they went into this simply didn’t come true. Republican run states didn’t develop their own healthcare website so that made the job much more difficult. It is impossible to successfully develop a website in time if the requirements keep changing. I will criticize Obama for not acting before the roll out date. He must have known, or his top aids knew.

    Even people in the business who are experts fail often. Remember Apple and their map application, not a happy memory.

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