‘Cannibal Sandwiches’ Anyone?

This Reuters story — curiously datelined for Saturday but already online — reports that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises against eating “cannibal sandwiches.”
The story says the sandwiches — which feature raw beef — are eaten in the Upper Midwest.
I knew about lutefisk and I knew about pasties, but I had never heard of that one. A couple of the outdoorspeople in the newsroom confirmed they are aware of people eating cannibal sandwiches.
So I’m putting the call out: If you eat cannibal sandwiches, or you ever have, or you know someone who does or did, tell me about it.
You can send me a note at jlundy@duluthnews.com, and if I hear from a couple of folks I’ll report back in a follow-up blog.

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  1. Tansey

    Saltine crackers, cannibal meat with salt and pepper- eat. Choose top grade beef and grind it yourself or if your butcher knows what it ultimately will be used for he will do it right for you. Some people also include raw onion, hot sauce – whatever is your preference. Having been eating it since I was a kid in the early 1950s- still alive and well. It is still widely eaten on the Iron Range.

  2. Phil

    My wife and mother in law always pick out a little bit of raw burger when making spaghetti and eat it completely raw….dont know what they are thinking as I couldn’t eat it that raw but they do!

  3. Katie Mazur

    When I was younger my family and I would make the trek “up north” to spend the holidays with my grandparents. My Granny and Grandpa Bill always had cannibal sandwiches on the buffet table for everyone to enjoy. Not everyone enjoyed them as much as me. I LOVE them! I love putting the meat on those little breads topped with thinly sliced onion and then a dash of salt and pepper. Just writing about it makes my mouth water. Now as a parent and hostess of my own Holiday Parties I have attempted to share this delicacy with family and friends with out success. I have not had them in a few years but as I start to plan our New Year’s Celebration I am contemplating putting them on the menu………

    Katie Mazur
    Hometown: Manitowoc WI.
    Now living in: South Range WI.

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