Music To Die For

Oboist Ray Still died early this morning, on his 94th birthday.

I’m not up on my oboists, but the Chicago Tribune’s John von Rhein writes that Still was “famous for being the best of the best.” He played oboe for the renowned Chicago Symphony Orchestra for 40 years, 39 as the principal oboe.

But what caught my eye in von Rhein’s piece (which you can read here), was that when Still died, surrounded by family at his home in Woodstock, Vt., Bach’s “St. Matthew Passion” was playing in the background.

Given that we’re all going to die, that strikes me as a cool way to do it.

And it prompts me to ask a question, which I hope doesn’t across as overly morbid or too far removed from the subject of health:

If you could choose music to listen to as you die, what music would it be?

I’m considering my own answer to that question, but I need to give it some more thought.

If you’d like to offer your choice you can use the “Comment” space here, or email me at

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