MNsure Gets Its Own Day

Tomorrow is “MNsure Day” in Duluth and the Twin Cities.

So says a news release from MNsure, the Minnesota agency entrusted with implementing the Affordable Care Act’s online health insurance marketplace in this state.

Duluth Mayor Don Ness, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman signed proclamations making it thus, the news release says.

Parade marshals?

I envisioned a MNsure Day Parade led by Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, the program’s erstwhile spokeslegends. I looked forward to attending the MNsure Day picnic.

Sadly, no such events appear to be in order.

Instead, the mayors’ proclamations say the day is all about beginning “the final weekend push for Minnesotans to obtain quality, affordable health coverage.”
That’s because the enrollment period for this year ends at the end of the day on Tuesday. Except that it doesn’t really, since the state and the Obama administration have extended the deadline.

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